In The Thicket is a children’s novel series by Tucson based writer Mark Whittaker. The stories chronicle the adventures of both furry and feathered friends as they uncover mysteries and myth in their Woodland home. But this is no ordinary cute romp. Far from it. The puzzles they try to put together are based in celestial intervention and even tread into the divine. Forgotten clues, paths, weapons, objects and even entire cities are yet to be discovered. Only a few, our gang of brave and wise beyond their years outcasts, have the eyes to truly see what the world has to offer.

Described as “Lord Of The Rings meets Wind In The Willows and conducted by Loony TunesIn The Thicket is an entirely new series for a generation, both old and young, to be embraced by kids of all ages.

Waning is the time of adolescent wizard and teenage vampires in love.

Arise the age of Furry Woodland Creature!